Basic to Advanced Firearms Training in Upstate NY.

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CNY Firearms Training is dedicated to assuring the safe use firearms.

 It is our goal to provide the highest quality and safest firearms training programs available.

Classes can be held at our facility or a location provided by you or your group anywhere in New York State. 

All of our Classes are taught by Certified US Concealed Carry Association and NRA Trained Instructors with many years of experience.

Our instructors each have varied backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military, 

Personal Bodyguard, Concert/Event Security, Martial Arts, Contract Armed Security, 

Fugitive Recovery, Hunting and Competition Shooting.


Courses we offer:

HANDGUN SAFETY & CARRY CONCEALED - This is the course required by Cortland County, NY to get your Pistol Permit. Our course is approved and accepted in the following: Cortland, Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Jefferson, Madison, Oneida, Oswego, Tompkins, Tioga and most, but, not all NY Counties.  This class may help in getting restrictions removed from your permit. Check with your issuing county


This class is not currently accepted in Onondaga and Cayuga Counties, 

I am working to remedy this.

However, if you do live in Onondaga or Cayuga County, this class will still certify you for Multi-State Fla orAz non-resident carry concealed permits. It is also a great refresher course for those who have a NY pistol permit and want to learn new techniques and law changes. 

The mission of our Pistol Safety Course is to teach the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Through this course, the students will learn about pistol parts and how they operate, ammunition, gun safety, shooting fundamentals,   how to safely store and transport a pistol, purchasing the correct pistol that is best for you, cleaning a pistol, safely storing a pistol and ammunition, responsibility of owning a pistol, New York State firearm laws and reciprocity, the fundamentals of Concealed Carry, self protection, the use of deadly force and what to do in the aftermath. 

 Our Carry Concealed course for Chenango County includes both the Basic and Carry Concealed classes all in one course. 

If you reside in Chenango County you must have your pistol permit issued to you before you can take our pistol safety course.

 Delaware, Herkimer, Jefferson, Madison, Oneida, Oswego and Tioga County Residents you do not need your pistol permit in these counties to take this course, this safety course is required before you apply for your pistol permit 

For Cortland County you can take the course before or after you are issued your Pistol Permit, however, you must take the course within one year of receiving your Pistol Permit. Our class is the only one that has received a lett of approval from the Cortland County Judge!


 Class length 8 hours - Cost: $100. 

We require a $50 non refundable deposit when you register.

Material covered - Pistol Safety and Knowledge, Concealed Carry Fundamentals, Choosing Your Handgun,  Legal Use of Force, Developing a Personal Protection Plan, NYS Handgun Laws, Conflict Avoidance, Situational Awareness and much more!

This is way more than the NRA Basic Pistol Class and No online instruction, all in person by our experienced instructors!

 Add the Multi-State Arizona and Florida $40.

Once you apply for and receive your Fla or AZ Non-Resident Pistol Permits you can legally carry concealed in 35 states!



                                                                                                                      Classes held at:


1830 Route 13

Cortland NY


 Pre-registration is appreciated due to limited seating.

Sign up at Creekside Sports or by email to

  or by calling us at 607-299-4046


Dates and times for our Handgun Safety and Concealed class can be found on our facebook page Creekside Firearms

We give the class every month.

We hold shooting range sessions by appointment.

It is free to our students, but you must sign up because we limit the attendance per session

Date to be determined

Cost $60 per person, discount for groups of 12 to 20
You will receive 2 - .50oz Pepper spray canisters and one .50oz practice canister and Certificate of Completion.
More sizes of Pepper Spray and practice canisters are available at class and in our shop.
Students will be exposed to 3 Hours of Safety and Awareness Training, Types of Self- Defense Sprays, Legality and Hands on Skills and Techniques within an interactive and fun atmosphere. Class sizes are limited, so please pre-register
For more info or to sign up call me at 607-299-4046 or email



JM McDonald Sports Complex

Date to be determined

What you need to know to survive presented by Certified Trainers including instructional information from the USCCA,
Homeland Security, I.C.E. and Law Enforcemet

Know the Signs
Creating an Emergency Operations Plan for your School, House of Worship or Business.
Special Considerations for Schools.
Situational awareness.
Run Hide Fight.
When Fighting Back Means Using a Gun.
Triage and Treat the Wounded.
Eliminating Gun-Free Zones.

Mass Shootings by the Numbers

Would Reducing Magazine Capacity or Banning AR-15s Work?
Do Gun Free Zones Help or Hurt?
Does Victim Response Make a Difference?
What Are Universal Checks, and Would They End Mass Shootings?
Mass Shootings by the Numbers
And lots more, this is probably the most informative and extensive presentation available!
NOTE: Some content of this seminar may not be suitable for young children

We are currently booking seminars for Schools, Churches, Businesses and other groups
Call 607-299-4046 or email for more info or to set up a seminar



When signing up for a class by email :

Include your name, address, phone number & date of birth.

Also include if you have a NY Pistol Permit. 

A pistol permit is not required to take the class in Cortland County

Please pre register for the class because seating is limited. 

Be aware, our classes fill up fast and are much more extensive than any other classes in the Central NY area.




CONCEALED CARRY  - Teaches the student the fundamentals of carrying a concealed handgun, including NYS Handgun Laws. Also it covers the use of deadly force. Required by Chenango County to remove restrictions. Class length 4 hours  Cost: $60. (we must have at least 6 students)




MULTI-STATE CCW - Certifies the student to apply for non-resident concealed carry permits in the States of FLORIDA and ARIZONA. Includes applications. fingerprint cards 2x2 photos and instructions to apply. Once received from the state(s) applied to you can carry concealed in that state and every state that has reciprocity with that state. You can legally carry in 35 states with your NY, FL and AZ CCW permits!  Class length 4-5 hours Cost: $120. (You can also add on the AZ/FLA Certifications when you are taking OUR Basic Pistol Class listed above  for $40.

. Additional fingerprints are $15.00 per card, additional 2x2 passport size photos are $10 for a sheet of 2 photos.

The next Fla/Az CCW class is:


Must pre-register - Limited Seating - No walk-ins


To sign up call 607-216-8577 or 607-299-4046

or email:




This is a comprehensive class for anyone owning or carrying a hand gun. Students learn about conflict avoidance, situational awareness, home security and defense, physiology of violent encounters, legal aspect of using deadly force and knowing what to do in the aftermath. We cover handgun, shotgun, AR-15 basics and shooting fundamentals.

This is one of our best courses! It is 8 hours in length and costs $135. Class is limited to 10 students.




HANDGUN PERSONAL DEFENSE - The student learns about defending themselves and others with their firearm through a series of scenarios using non-lethal simulation weapons  and live fire target range instruction. Each class is limited to 6 participants per class.  Class length  one day. Cost $250. Remember, the best defense is avoidance. 



FIREARM SAFETY IN THE HOME - This class covers the proper storage, handling and safety of having a gun in your home. Included is child safety. A great course for any family! 4 hours. Cost $60 (we must have at least 6 students)


RIFLE SHOOTING AND SAFETY - Learn how to safely own and shoot rifles. Includes classroom and range live fire. Class length 4-6 hours. Cost: $150.(includes ammo,targets & use of our firearms)



SHOTGUN SHOOTING AND SAFETY - Learn how to safely own and shoot shotguns. Includes classroom and range live fire. Class length 4-6 hours. Cost: $150 (includes ammo, targets & use of our firearms)



TACTICAL SHOOTING - Learn to shoot tactical rifles, tactical handguns  & shotgun with live fire training. Class length  6 hours. Cost: $275. (includes ammo, targets & use of our firearms.)




Active Shooter Training - Excellent for Offices, Churches, Restaurants, Stores, and any other type of facility that could encounter the danger of an active shooter on the premises. Taught to the standards of Homeland Security. No firearms used in this class.


We also offer one on one private classes at your convenience for reasonable rates.

Our instructors are NRA Certified and have military and law enforcement backgrounds. Learn from professionals the techniques to defend yourself and/or your family against a violent physical confrontation. In today’s world we need to be prepared for anything. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence needed to make owning a firearm a safe, enjoyable experience, and to help prevent you from becoming a victim.




We do fingerprint cards and 2x2 Passport Size Photos by appointment.

Fingerprints $15. per card, Photos $10 per 2 photos.

NOTE: NYS Pistol permit applications do not accept fingerprint cards in all counties, most require electronic fingerprinting, we only do ink printing. Also, the State of Fla. requires that fingerprinting is done by a Law Enforcement Agency, we can provide you with the blank card if you need it.